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Who we are & where we excel

ÁRDO Property Group is a real estate developer in South-East Queensland, ÁRDO specialising in boutique, high-end multi-residential housing, and custom/luxury homes. Additional to our property development arm we provide expert advice on property development, development management of projects, and supervising the design and construction of high calibre residential development projects.

We have a qualified team of highly skilled and knowledgeable consultants to produce quality developments for the end homeowner. Further, we generate real estate investment opportunities for investors looking to maximise investment returns by generating measured equity growth through our development projects.

We are professionals at finding sites, raising project capital, and delivering high-quality building designs around Brisbane endeavouring to move into the Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast in the not-to-distant future. We overcome the issues and challenges faced between profitable project prospects and investment cash to ensure development opportunities lead to successful development outcomes.

ÁRDO has successfully developed a novel viewpoint on what it takes to succeed in real estate development. We value building dependable, meaningful, and long-term relationships with our investors, clients, and consultants.

Core Focus

ÁRDO Property Groups Core Focus is Real estate developments of boutique, high-end multi-residential in the inner city of Brisbane. We further excel in NDIS projects, knockdown and rebuild projects, major renovations and subdivisions.

It is our ambition to achieve growth in the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast markets over the coming years.

Investment Opportunities

ÁRDO Property Group offers project investment opportunities with above-market value returns. Invest in our real estate development projects using our simple, secure, and tried-and-true investment methodology to generate a passive income that pays out each month.

Through mutual-funding frameworks, our investment concept enables investors to invest money in real estate development projects. By making an investment with us, you gain access to real estate assets employing an investment method that is more profitable than other real estate investment strategies.

Joint Venture Opportunities

ÁRDO Property Group join forces with our Joint Venture strategies with landowners to bring success to all parties. As experienced property developers, our team of professionals provide the expertise and resources needed to bring projects to life. We look for win-win solutions and understand the importance of mutual benefits when entering into joint ventures.

Our joint venture strategies provide the capital, expertise, and resources needed to maximise the value of real estate development projects. We understand that each project has unique requirements and we take the time to understand the individual needs of our JV partners and offer creative solutions.

Our team of highly skilled professionals have a wealth of experience in property development, project management, finance and construction. We provide advice on all aspects of the development process with our Joint Ventures, from feasibility to implementation, managing the project through to completion. Our Joint Venture strategies provide landowners with an opportunity to realise the full potential of their property. We take the time to understand the needs of our partners and offer creative solutions to maximise the value of their assets. Our goal is to ensure that our JV partners benefit from the successful completion of their projects.

At ÁRDO Property Group, we strive to provide the highest quality of service and the best outcomes for our clients. We look forward to working with you to create a successful joint venture

Development Advice

To reveal a successful and lucrative development project we provide developers and landowners strategic guidance at every level. We take risks into account, investigate potential possibilities, give solid financial modelling, and offer suggestions for the next actions. We take every precaution to ensure that our clients are completely at ease as they proceed with the developing process.

Our development consulting services comprise:

  • Development Strategic Planning
  • Site evaluation and project feasibility analyses
  • Assessment of opportunities and risks
  • Market analysis and projections

Development Management

Our approach to development management is unique and innovative when it comes to overseeing the progress of each project, we are methodical and deliberate.

Our area of expertise is from concept to completion project management for development projects specialising in multi-residential (townhouses and apartments), new homes, NDIS & SDA projects, subdivisions, and splitter blocks.

Our development management solutions comprise of:

  • Development Management and reporting of projects
  • Overseeing partnerships for joint ventures and investors on investments
  • Shareholder management
  • Marketing and sales strategies

NDIS & SDA Projects

Our NDIS projects are designed specifically for participants in the NDIS scheme by offering long-term accommodation that meets the requirements of High Physical Support NDIS members.

What makes us unique in the development of our NDIS projects?

We have identified a massive gap for this kind of property in the present SDA market. The units that we build come with a place for an On-Site Overnight Assistance (OOA) staff member and a Therapy Room and are built to a higher support standard than is necessary.

The inclusions that distinguish our NDIS developments from other High Physical Support SDA products are listed below in our inclusions. See the below table covering our specification.

High Physical Support
  • Doorway Widths 1200mm
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Accessible Features
  • Ceiling Hoist
  • Adjustable Height Kitchen Bench
  • Therapy Room – for participants to receive care support
  • OOA Room – for the therapist to aid with overnight care
  • $100 Per Week Rebate Program for Participants
  • Plumbing Ware Specific for HPS Participants
Top Spec Automation
  • Keyless Secure Entry
  • Solar Power with Batteries
  • Emergency Power Backup
  • Automatic Open & Closing Doors
  • Automatic Blinds
  • Voice Control Automation – lights, doors, power
Standard Building Inclusions
  • Outdoor Area
  • Alarm System
  • Intercom
  • Ensuite
  • Appliances Included – washing machine, drier, dishwasher and microwave
  • Built in Wardrobes
  • High Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Air Conditioning Heating & Cooling
  • Mirrored Shaving Cabinets & Cupboard to Ensuites

All the information regarding our investing strategies is for education purposes only, not personal or professional advice.

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